How to decorate the room for the birthday of the child (boy, girl) with your own hands + 140 PHOTO of bright ideas


It is best to decorate the room for the birth of the baby with your own hands, since no service will do it with love and soul. The day when the new mommy comes home with her baby - an exciting event for all family members. When relatives are united by true bonds of love, they cannot ignore this event.

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  • Why is it important
  • Where to begin
  • Balloons
  • Cake
  • Bouquet
  • Poster
  • With photos
  • With wishes
  • With quotes
  • Other ideas
  • Garlands
  • Name
  • Souvenirs for guests
  • Kids toys
  • Paper pompons
  • Decoration of the living room or kitchen
  • VIDEO: Design of the premises for the birth of a child
  • Why is it important
  • Where to begin
  • Balloons
  • Cake
  • Bouquet
  • Poster
  • Other ideas
  • Decoration of the living room or kitchen
  • Why is it important

    Maternity hospital discharge is always an important event.

    The newly formed dad usually takes a special part in the event, often with the support of his parents, mother-in-law with the father-in-law or other relatives. And in large cities, and even in many villages, numerous agencies offer their services in decorating the premises and organizing a family holiday.

    Decor to create a holiday

    All that is needed is just to pay them and all organizational moments fall on their shoulders. However, it is best to prepare the meeting of the newborn yourself. After all, first of all, it is a celebration of the baby and his mother. Who, if not close relatives, knows which style and peculiarities of the conduct will be most appropriate?

    Choose the style of jewelry under the floor of the child

    At first glance, the idea to decorate a room for the birth of a child may seem complicated. In fact, by spending a minimum of funds and showing perseverance with creativity, you can create an unforgettable atmosphere with your own hands.

    Creativity has not been canceled

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    Where to begin

    First you need to choose the subject of decoration, estimating the pre-space in the premises. If the parents have the opportunity to allocate the baby their own room - this is great, because then the whole room is the "springboard" for creative creativity.

    Room as a springboard for creativity

    Unfortunately, not everyone has such an opportunity, so some have to confine themselves to decorating only part of the room allocated for a child. Usually, a bright, cozy, warm place is chosen for this, so decor should not be created in the entire parent room, but only in a certain corner.

    Corner for a little crumb

    Before you start preparing the decoration design, you need to take care of cleanliness. Even if you do not take into account the hygiene, it is unlikely the most beautiful garland will look attractive next to sagging web. Therefore, it is necessary to do a general cleaning. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu


    Perhaps the most popular adornment of any event concerning children is balls. This is not surprising, because the use of this simple accessory has advantages:

    1 Simply changing the color scheme and the balls will be suitable for any event. For example, you can come up with a design in advance, and then, making sure that the daughter was born to embody the conceived idea in pink, and if the son is in blue, 2 You can buy balls cheaply. Almost anywhere for wholesale purchase, you can get a good discount; 3 Push the balls simply. If you buy those that are pumped with helium, then you don’t need to bother at all.

    Balls - a popular holiday decoration

    The only thing you need to think carefully is the composition of the balls. You can arrange them on the floor, you can attach to the ceiling (helium), from some you can make a whole inscription. It is important to think about how to quickly remove the balls after the child arrives from the hospital, as they can burst and frighten him greatly.

    The composition of the balls to the meeting of the child

    In some stores you can find balloons to decorate the room for the birth of a child. They can be in the form of angels, baby faces, feet, strollers and other items of a suitable subject.

    The original idea of ​​a bottle of balls

    Look great balloons on the eaves. With the help of the most common, cheap balls, you can create whole compositions. It is very easy to make flowers: inflate 5-6 balls of the same color to a small size, and one, the middle of a flower, choose a different color.

    A simple idea to create a composition.

    Make several such compositions, attach them with scotch tape or tie them with threads, and in between them attach balls of green color of elongated shape (leaves).

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    Ideas for making modern cakes are very different from what they had about 10-20 years ago. Now the cake is not just cakes soaked in cream, decorated with roses. Masters make masterpieces that are timed specifically for a particular celebration.

    Sweet masterpieces

    An important nuance that needs to be taken into account is that it takes a long time to make a cake, usually not less than three days, so you need to take care of this in advance. It is a good idea to decorate the cake with figurines made of mastic of the appropriate subject. This may be a baby in a stroller, children's accessories and other decorations.

    Cake mastic matching topics

    Also popular are cakes with photos. You can add the mother of the baby, in which she is on the last dates, and next to the children's paraphernalia. You can complement the decor with the help of holiday candles.

    The best moments in family life

    A special option is the use of the cake in cases where it is supposed to turn off the light. In such an atmosphere, a birthday cake with candles will look especially appropriate.

    A good idea is a cake biography, which shows the data about the baby born: first name, middle name, last name, height, weight, parents' names and other interesting information. Of course, the child himself will not remember such a cake, but they will be admired after years, looking at the photo.

    Good Biography Cake Idea

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    Engaged in the preparation of the bouquet - this is certainly a "male" case. Of course, all the invited guests, if they will, will come with flowers anyway, but the task of the young dad is to surpass the rest with a bouquet prepared in advance. Naturally, decorating a room when a child is born in a bouquet is meant more for the mother, however, the needs of the baby should also be taken into account.

    A bouquet that will exceed all expectations

    Fresh flowers for decoration will not always be a good idea. A weakened child’s body may not perceive the smell of flowers and even cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, if you give fresh flowers, you need to immediately and prepare a place with a vase in another room, where they can then be rearranged.

    Find a place for a bouquet with a vase

    There are plenty of options for decorating a room with such bouquets that would not harm the baby, but at the same time would look aesthetically and beautifully. If earlier bouquets of artificial flowers were considered exclusively mourning, then the modern ideas of the decor allow to adapt them even to such an event as the birth of a child.

    Original toy from fresh flowers

    For the manufacture of colors can be used corrugated paper of different, bright colors. They can be placed in the usual bunches wrapped in paper, and in the basket. A fashionable idea is also to give a bouquet of soft toys. The undoubted advantage of such a room decoration is originality and practicality.

    Choose a bouquet without harm to the child

    The bouquet will stand for several months in its original form, and then it will gradually be sorted out into "parts", ready-made toys will be provided to the growing child. Such practicality of bouquets of soft toys justifies their high cost.

    You can prepare a few bouquets and make them a whole children's table. There may be fresh flowers, which are then transferred to another room, and a bouquet of soft toys that will last for a long time.

    Even the guests will not be left without attention.

    You can also complement the decor of the room with bouquets of sweets that will appeal to guests. Given that the mother of the baby can hardly eat candy, for her you can prepare another option - a bouquet of fruit.

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    The idea to draw a festive poster is appropriate for almost any celebration. As for decorating a room at the birth of a child, there are many ways to do this. Here are just some of them:

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    With photos

    You can make a whole collection of photos by placing in it pictures taken during pregnancy, ultrasound results, happy shots from the maternity hospital and other family photos.

    Glue photos and get cool decor

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    With wishes

    You can collect wishes from all loved ones and arrange the poster as follows: attach a photo of the person next to his statement. You can ask for this not only to relatives, but also to friends of the family.

    A poster for writing the wishes of relatives

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    With quotes

    On the Internet, you can find a lot of funny quotes that are appropriate for an event like the birth of a child. They can be printed out on the printer or write multi-colored markers.

    Turn on the fantasy, it will be that then remember

    There may be several posters; you can decorate them not only with a room or a corner of the newborn, but also with the whole apartment or house. This will help create a special, cozy holiday atmosphere.

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    Other ideas

    Ideas for decorating the room for the birth of a child:

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    Some garlands are associated exclusively with the New Year holidays. But it is in vain, because you can hang them not only on the Christmas tree. You can make your own or buy garlands in pink or blue colors, which fit perfectly into the idea of ​​the interior.

    Decorate the baby's room with festoons

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    You can cut the baby's name from foam - this is the most affordable and budget method for many. Letters can be set on the floor, for example, with balloons. Also, the baby's name can be made in any other way - cut the letters out of wood, make them out of paper in the form of an appliqué, or simply lay it out of balloons.

    Make the name of the baby on the wall

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    Souvenirs for guests

    You can make special vases of small size in which to place special souvenirs for all loved ones. It can be anything: magnets, knickknacks, etc. The main thing is to attach or write memorable words on them. For example, it may be the phrase "Thank you for sharing the joy of birth with us (baby's name)."

    Even a sweet souvenir will not leave guests indifferent

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    Kids toys

    Stuffed toys of different sizes can be placed around the house or apartment - this will be a symbol of the fact that now there are other orders that reign under the new family member.

    Soft toys to create mood

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    Paper pompons

    It is hardly possible to think of a room decoration more magnificent than that. It is better to use pompons of large size in different colors. You can make them yourself from corrugated paper, and you can buy ready-made, especially since they are not expensive. You can attach pompons anywhere: to the chandelier, curtain rail, curtains, to the ceiling.

    Paper pompons, as one of the attributes of the holiday

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    Decoration of the living room or kitchen

    If relatives and friends are invited to the event, you need to make sure that every corner of the house or apartment reminds you that it has a festive atmosphere. Some happy dads are so impressed with the long-awaited change in their lives that they decide to decorate the whole yard or porch, and thus share the joy with the people around them.

    Decorate the entrance on the subject of the event

    To decorate the room, you can buy new curtains. Choose a bright option with flowers or other holiday print. If a small family meal is planned, the atmosphere should also be appropriate.

    Even the curtains will change the attitude to the event.

    An excellent option would be to decorate the tablecloths and the table. If a girl was born, then everything can be done in pink. You can also use "girly" elements - bows, beads, etc. If a boy was born, then you can arrange airplanes, cars or elements with their image, while choosing a male color scheme - blue, blue, green.

    Cloth to match holiday

    Even banal household items can be transformed, giving them a festive look. On the TV, you can put a figure of a stork who brought the child, on the table napkins with baby faces, on the fridge magnets with the appropriate theme.

    Figures throughout the apartment

    Thus, the decoration of the room to the birth of a child is an occupation under force. The main thing is:

    • think over everything in advance;
    • choose a room and theme;
    • select available decor options;
    • attract all relatives and friends;
    • Do not stop the flight of fancy and creative.

    Flight of fancy and your creative

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    VIDEO: Design of the premises for the birth of a child