Decoration windows for the New 2018: 170 + Photo Ideas that should be used

When making a house for the holiday do not forget the windows. After all, they primarily attract attention. Decorating windows for the New Year can be an exciting activity that your family will enjoy spending their free time with pleasure. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Window sill decoration
  • What is vytnanki?
  • Paper Panorama Illumination
  • Electric garland decor
  • Window hangers
  • Curtains made of beads
  • Decorative film
  • Decorations from paper garlands
  • Christmas tree or snowflake figures
  • Macaroni Snowflakes
  • Drawings using stencils
  • Christmas wreaths on the windows
  • findings
  • VIDEO: Ideas for window decorations
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Window sill decoration
  • What is vytnanki?
  • Paper Panorama Illumination
  • Electric garland decor
  • Window hangers
  • Curtains made of beads
  • Decorative film
  • Decorations from paper garlands
  • Christmas tree or snowflake figures
  • Macaroni Snowflakes
  • Drawings using stencils
  • Christmas wreaths on the windows
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Window sill decoration

    Delight, surprise guests and passers-by with an unusual window sill design.

    Window sill decoration depends on your imagination

    For these purposes, any accessories that symbolize the New Year are suitable:

    • candles of various shapes and sizes (you can also use paper lanterns or installations in the form of several houses with candles inserted inside);
    • figurines of fairy characters;
    • live or artificial fir branches;
    • branches of any trees, powdered with snow: frost can be imitated by covering them with paint from a balloon or dipping them in a strong salt solution;
    • snowdrifts, snowflakes made of cotton;
    • Garlands;
    • satin ribbons;
    • tinsel;
    • beads;
    • dishes filled with silver cones or balls;
    • volume images from paper.

    Decor with spruce and cones

    Mini Christmas trees can be placed in woven bags or vases. Candles are placed on saucers or one large tray. To make the composition look complete, "glass it on the edges" with artificial snow. The window sill, which you decide to decorate, must be completely open, easily visible. In order not to overload the window, unnecessary things must be removed.

    Candles can be placed on a tray

    Arrange among your competition under the motto "Whose window is better?" with the issuance of New Year's Eve comic prizes. Do not forget to just remind participants that the first prize will go on condition that the composition will be perfectly combined with the general decor of the room.

    Compete for the best view.

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    What is vytnanki?

    This intricate name came to us from the Old Slavic. So called plot paper stencils. Unlike snowflakes, the patterns do not repeat in them, so they are cut out using a pattern and a knife or nail scissors. Although, however, templates for vytnanok can be bought ready.

    Making stencils with your own hands

    On the glass you can create a whole thematic composition of paper, for example, Santa Claus, racing on a sleigh, or figurines of fairy-tale characters dancing at the Christmas tree. Paper products can bebulk. Of course, a dog symbolizing the arrival of the New 2018 should be in the center of the festive round dance. Figures can be left white or painted with varnish or paints, covered with liquid snow, toothpaste, etc.

    Some colors and birds really flit

    To make the composition look natural, in the lower part of the window, larger images are stuck - snowdrifts, houses, Christmas trees. At the top have falling snowflakes, stars, Christmas balls.

    A little imagination and we get the whole picture

    It is not necessary to glue the figures on the glass. Soap or paste, of course, easily move away from the glass, but still they will have to be washed. Vytynanki can and just sew on translucent tulle. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Paper Panorama Illumination

    Paper installations will look much more impressive if you highlight them with a garland or LED strip. To do this, you need to move a little bit away from the glass, and fill the space between them and the window with luminous lights. Do not forget only about caution - in no case should the paper come into contact with them.

    Illumination will give the decor more magic and a sense of celebration

    From paper or white cardboard, you can create a whole magical city with single or multi-storey houses and figures of passers-by. Paper compositions are easier to print out on a printer, and then carefully cut out with a stationery knife.

    After the figures are glued together, a light bulb is placed inside each of them. Fabulous city on the windowsill is ready!

    With the drawing paper you can create a whole story.

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    Electric garland decor

    With the help of garlands, you can create any image - a Christmas tree, a house, a wreath, a crescent, a star, animal figures or fairy-tale characters, etc. With glowing magical lights, you can simply trim the curtains, creating a feeling of draping with multicolored lights. The garland in the form of a grid or suspensions looks excellent. You can also attach it along the contour (sides and top) of the window.

    Garlands do not happen much

    Regular linear garland is difficult to arrange as complex compositions. For this it is better to buy:

    • structure of duralight in the form of a flexible luminous cord; using it you can easily make labels and three-dimensional images;
    • garland in the form of a grid;
    • LED fringe: it is more suitable for creating curtains;
    • garland-fireworks, made of light-dynamic designs, the product looks very much like a real salute.

    One garland can do a lot

    You can make a garland and a Christmas wreath. If you fill the LEDs with a large transparent container of crystal or glass - a large bottle or a vase - then you will get an unusual magic lantern. For this more suitable small light bulbs on batteries. Put a lantern on the windowsill - it will undoubtedly become the highlight of the New Year's decor.

    We use a wreath for decoration

    Bulk wire figures decorated with a garland look very unusual. You can make a snowman, a deer or even a whole reindeer team with a sleigh, a Christmas tree, a merry dog, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, or recreate a snow-covered, glittering city with a flexible metal. Put the resulting composition on the window - even in the New Year holidays it pleases your loved ones and passersby.

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    Window hangers

    The real snowfall behind the window can be imitated with the help of suspensions made of cotton balls of various sizes. They are strung on a fishing line or strong nylon thread and covered PVA glue - so they will better keep their shape. For greater effect, cotton snowflakes alternate with paper ones. On the ends of the threads you can fix white figures of birds or fairy-tale characters.

    Cotton balls for decoration

    You can also hang Christmas toys on strong threads. In this case, it is better to use plastic - if you accidentally touch one of them, it will not break if dropped. Attach a small Bantu of satin ribbon at the top of each toy - and get a stylish Christmas decoration.

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    Curtains made of beads

    Snow-white beads strung on a fishing line, during the holidays can replace the usual curtains. In nature, the largest drops are always located at the very bottom. The same principle should be used when creating curtains - the smallest beads are suspended higher, the “drops” of medium size in the center, and the largest, as if already ready to fall - at the bottom.

    Unusual lambrequin on the window

    You can add a few colored stones to the white beads to create the impression of ice flooding in the sun. Each of the threads gently attached to the curtain. Magic curtains are ready!

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    Decorative film

    Stained glass film with a Christmas theme can be purchased in advance, picking up a picture with the overall style of the room and your taste. These can be snowflakes, icicles, flowers covered with ice, patterns of New Year's themes, figurines, etc. They should be placed at the bottom of the glass so that sunlight can freely pass into the room during the daytime. Otherwise, there will be constant twilight in the room.

    Decorative film that easily conveys the whole theme of the drawing

    The top paper layer is removed from the film, and the pattern is gently applied to the surface and smoothed, removing air bubbles. Before sticking to the stained glass, the glass must be wiped - dust smeared on the surface of the picture will not look too aesthetically pleasing.

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    Decorations from paper garlands

    A simple garland made of a chain of paper rings and hung at the top of the window looks too trite. After all, it can be composed of any shapes: white or colored snowflakes, stars, flags, contours of fir cones, bunches of mountain ash, hares, dogs, snowmen or Christmas trees.

    Making a garland of hearts

    The garland collected in the form of miniature Christmas gifts decorated with tiny bows looks original. You can make it in the form of mittens, in which for the New Year in European countries and the countries of the Old World it is customary to fold gifts. Show your imagination and make your own unique garland.

    Show fantasy and get a cool result

    Figures for it can be printed out on the printer or buy ready. Even if you did not find the garland. Pick up your favorite single songs and fasten them together, strung on a thread.

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    Christmas tree or snowflake figures

    From the usual paper snowflakes, which have long served as a New Year's decoration, you can create whole pictures, for example, a Christmas tree. It will look very unusual and original. It is possible to glue decorations to the glass with household soap or paste, made from flour - they are washed off very easily. Just do not make the paste too thick, otherwise it will be inconvenient to use it - by its consistency it should resemble office glue.

    Awesome view from the window

    To create a Christmas tree, you need to cut snowflakes of different sizes out of paper. At first, the largest of them are laid out on the glass, then they are supplemented with medium-sized snowflakes and finally finish the design with the tiniest figures. To enhance the effect around the Christmas tree, place falling snowflakes of different sizes. Along the perimeter of the window fasten the garland.

    Another version of the Christmas tree on the glass

    You can also make simple animal figurines of small snowflakes and medium-sized snowflakes - the culprit of the New Year's Eve-2018 celebration - a jolly dog, as well as hares, white bear cubs or other little animals hanging around a New Year's snow-white tree, birds, etc. They can also be cut out of paper and stick next to the tree.

    Cut and glue

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    Macaroni Snowflakes

    Anyone who enjoys crafts can be offered to create unusual compositions for decorating a window made of pasta. There are many lessons on this topic in the network, so we will not dwell on their production in detail.

    Unusual but beautiful

    Snowflakes, painted white with a spray can, are suspended on thin threads or decorative beads of different lengths on the window. Such snowflakes covered with nacreous enamel look very elegant. You can dip them in powdered sugar, salt, semolina, after having coated the product with PVA glue. However, they can be painted and left cream.

    Come up with your own version of crafts

    Pasta snowflakes are decorated with small bows (you can use not only fabric, but also packing tape), rhinestones, beads, etc. The finished compositions are made up in the form of suspensions or garlands on the windows. Snowflakes, fixed on thin threads, can be combined with pieces of cotton wool.

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    Drawings using stencils

    Prepare suitable stencils from paper (it is easier to use ready-made computer drawings) and create unusual patterns using them on glasses. You can use everything that tells you the imagination - snowmen, drawings of Santa Claus flying in a sleigh, a funny dog ​​hurrying to congratulate your guests on the New Year 2018 or stories from children's fairy tales.

    Stencils can decorate any window before the New Year

    In order for the painting to turn out to be clear and not smeared, the stencil must fit snugly to the glass. To do this, it is well moistened with water, and then shake off the drops. So that the compositions do not shade the window too much, only a few large drawings are placed in the center, and the main patterns are placed on the top and bottom of the glass. You can paint with slightly diluted with water toothpaste or white gouache.

    The whole picture using stencils

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    Christmas wreaths on the windows

    It is better to make a wreath on the window of artificial fir branches - otherwise they will crumble. There are a lot of ready-made Christmas wreaths of various sizes on sale, but you can also make them yourself if you wish. For this, a base is made of thick cardboard, foam or plywood with a hole in the center.

    Wreaths can be different in size and decorations

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    Fir cones, Christmas tree decorations, felt figures, satin ribbons, candles are used as decorations. If desired, a wreath can be decorated with paper products or even nuts, oranges or apples, made of chocolates. You can use and only Christmas (preferably plastic) toys of different sizes, which are sewn to the wreath with threads or only satin ribbons of different colors.

    If desired, decorate everything that is at hand

    They attach a wreath to the center of the window, hooking it by the handle, hang it on the curtain or simply put it on the windowsill, decorating it with candles and New Year's accessories on the sides.

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    VIDEO: Ideas for window decorations