Kitchen interior with a niche: We decorate the kitchen space correctly (in the wall, under the window, in the corner)

A kitchen with a niche is an excellent option for those when there is little space, and there are so many in total. Is so much free space can be left without attention? We are ready to introduce you with all the options and nuances of accommodation. How best to beat? Location features, homemade niches. Do not forget to read the advice of designers for a competent design.

Content of this article:

  • What is a niche in the kitchen?
  • Niche behind the sink
  • Under the windowsill
  • How to beat?
  • In the wall
  • Under the windowsill
  • In the corner
  • In the wall
  • For microwave
  • For fridge
  • Designer Tips
  • Self-made niche
  • Modern interpretation
  • Features of the location of a niche in different rooms of the apartment
  • In the living room
  • In the hall
  • In the pantry-dressing room
  • VIDEO: Interesting options for a niche in the kitchen
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • What is a niche in the kitchen?
  • How to beat?
  • Designer Tips
  • Self-made niche
  • Modern interpretation
  • Features of the location of a niche in different rooms of the apartment
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • What is a niche in the kitchen?

    The construction of apartment buildings was carried out according to the plan "Khrushchev", which consisted in the construction of cramped apartments, but with elements of maximum convenience. The owners of the living space noted two types of niche in the kitchen - for the sanitary mixer at the location of the sink and under the window sill. Each had its own function that today interferes with the interior.

    Modern kitchen with niche

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    Niche behind the sink

    This is a hollow in the wall along the entire height, located behind the sink, which does not interfere with the integrity of the space. Niches have a depth of no more than 15 cm and are intended for special cabinets where they store dishes. Due to the small area of ​​the room, space is saved.

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    Under the windowsill

    This niche is called the “Khrushchev refrigerator” - a wardrobe, the back wall of which is lined with one brick of the street wall. In the closet in the winter and summer time it is cool, so food was stored there because of problems in buying a refrigerator during the Soviet era.

    Open plan

    Today cabinets are found in all buildings of the time. Designers do not recommend abandoning it because of its functions - the owners store vegetables and fruits in winter in order to free up the electric refrigerator.

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    How to beat?

    There are several ways to beat a niche, bringing it closer to the design and models of kitchen sets. Choose a method of refining in accordance with the type of deepening - in the wall or under the window sill.

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    In the wall

    A niche in the wall is found in panel houses, it does not spoil the design and can be useful to the owners of the apartment. You can beat her in the following ways:

    • Close drywall - a method that does not require long thoughts. A flat wall is obtained for which the kitchen unit is designed.

    Using an oil well in the wall

    • Not always the niche is located behind the sink, it can be spotted near the window. When planning a kitchen unit, place a refrigerator in a niche to save free space in a small kitchen of 6 square meters. m. The sink can be moved further along the wall - set near the window, and put a refrigerator on the free space.
    • People who keep money at home make a safe in a niche - they separate a small space with shelves, and some of them are covered with plasterboard. It is enough to hang over the cupboard over the safe door. You can use the cache after removing obstacles in the form of dishes or food.
    • Cabinet installation - used when making kitchen cupboards already. Then the dishes for permanent use are stored in the cabinet above the sink - it is pre-made deeper, taking into account the wall grooves.
    • Installing small household appliances - a microwave is placed on the shelf; a closet is made for other small appliances. Apartment owners hang a small TV set on a moving bracket in a niche.

    Convenient place to store souvenirs

    These are simple and interesting ways to beat the wall niche in the kitchen. When choosing a method, pay attention to preferences.

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    Under the windowsill

    The niche under the windowsill is refined by the builders with a wooden wardrobe with doors on the lock. "Removed" in the following ways:

    • Those who want to get rid of the niche completely remove the cabinet from the wall and lay the resulting void with bricks. It is enough to plaster and glue up the wall with wallpaper. You can replace the "Khrushchev refrigerator" heating battery. Then the owners set the kitchen or dining group in the corner of the room.
    • Such a refrigerator can be refined and used for its intended purpose. For this, the old cabinet is also taken out, inside the walls are upholstered with new "slopes", a shelf is fastened. Install a plastic door, ordered by size, or facades similar to the kitchen set.
    • The "Khrushchev fridge" is easy to replace with an electric one, but use the method only with its convenience. If you have a large family, and you stock up with a large number of products, freon mini-fridge will not work.

    Having such a recess you save space on the tabletop

    The use of space with the benefit involves the installation of a washing machine under the window sill or the transfer of a sink, which is installed instead of the window sill. Saves space and removes the unused cabinet. Return to menu ↑

    In the corner

    As it turns out, the corner in the kitchen can also be interesting to beat. See some vivid examples.

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    In the wall

    A niche in the wall allows you to successfully hide what you need, or vice versa, to use for decorative purposes.

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    For microwave

    Often the question of the place of the microwave worries every person who wants to make both practical and beautiful.

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    For fridge

    The main thing when planning do not forget about the exposure between zones. Place the unloading area near the refrigerator.



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    Designer Tips

    Designers look at the use of niches from a creative point of view and recommend the following ways niche refining:

    • Use the niche behind the sink for storing the dishes, placing the dryer and decorative shelves in it. The method solves the problem of storage, if the design of the kitchen set does not imply upper cabinets.
    • Cycle wall niche for decorative shelves, where the decor is then placed - figurines, pots, stands for napkins.

    Creative design solution

    • The niche under the windowsill is decorated with open shelves, after removing all the old wooden parts. Here is a gift set and other kitchen attributes for festive occasions.
    • An interesting and unusual decoration is the ennoblement of the “Khrushchev fridge” under the bar. To do this, remove the cabinet, place a new design with shelves (can be made of plastic) and additional lighting into the resulting void. New cabinet close the glass doors.
    Enriching niches in the kitchen in small and prefabricated apartments is a pleasure. You can not save their original functionality and show imagination.

    In classic style

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    Self-made niche

    While the owners of apartments in prefabricated houses are puzzled, how to hide the "ugliness", the owners of the spacious areas specially make niches. They do not quite understand what they will store in the resulting voids. Designers offer the following solutions:

    • If a niche is made on the wall of the location of the sink and gas stove, use the tips above.
    • A niche is made under the window sill, using it on the worktop of the kitchen unit, bulging it into the room. In the resulting void placed trash, folding children's table, an additional heating device.
    • If there is a desire to make niches on the free side, use drywall and formed room design - it is important to understand the functionality of the resulting voids.

    Convenient built-in shelf above the stove

    The last option is well-known, since people are engaged in such things with sufficient space in the kitchen, which is impossible to do in panel houses. The erected plasterboard wall takes up the useful area that needs to be replaced by the useful use of niches.

    Here, designers advise to pay attention to the chosen style:

    • avant-garde style, contentpori permits the arrangement of paintings in the relevant topics, vases and other details, but not in large quantities;
    • Empire, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Provence - only porcelain figurines, festive tableware allowed;
    • Art Deco - obligatory highlighting for each niche and no more than 2 figurines;
    • classicism - dishes are placed in a niche with minimal decor, but expensive framing;
    • minimalism - 2 small niches on the whole wall in which vases, napkin holders and other useful paraphernalia are put;
    • eco-style - pots with fresh flowers.

    Good place for candles to create a cozy atmosphere.

    Styles hi-tech, Scandinavian, loft, country do not support the above idea. You should not pile up the presented style, if this is not allowed by the basics of design.

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    Modern interpretation

    Modern projects of apartment buildings suggest space savings using niche kitchens. These are special recesses in rooms where communications of water supply and the gas equipment are placed (replacement by electric stoves is possible). The recesses are intended for mounting a kitchen unit, the kitchen does not have a dining area.

    The unusual design of the kitchen stone

    Among the positive points distinguish:

    • space saving - the deepening and adjacent free zone occupies no more than 5 square meters. m .;
    • a visual increase in space - being in a living room or hallway contributes to the design of wider rooms;
    • the opportunity to communicate with guests - this is possible when placing a kitchen unit in the living room;
    • the use of the kitchen as an auxiliary way of decorating the living room interior - an interesting design of the facades and wall panel complements the design of the applied style.

    Niche as a highlight of the interior

    This kitchen niche has negative factors:

    • smells and sounds during cooking will go to the living room and other rooms, which adversely affects the comfort of the residents;
    • the need to maintain order on the working surfaces - in the kitchen there should not be a lot of appliances, dirty dishes in the sink are not allowed;
    • Textiles in the interior should correspond to the given style - it is important to observe the correspondence in the kitchen and in the living room.
    BoardTo eliminate drawbacks, it is recommended to install a niche kitchen in a wardrobe or other small room. And to hide the possible mess in the kitchen, use folding doors - horizontal or vertical, you can replace the compartment door.

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    Features of the location of a niche in different rooms of the apartment

    Familiarize yourself with the niche location in various rooms.

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    In the living room

    The combination of kitchen and living room is the most famous option, because here the dining area fits perfectly into the interior. For her use a full-fledged dining group for 6-8 people. Location features include:

    • kitchen set is placed along one wall so as not to “eat” the space with angular structures;
    • facades and their shade should correspond to the chosen style of the whole room;
    • It is appropriate to combine kitchen and living room in avant-garde, country, loft, minimalism, Scandinavian style, high-tech styles.

    In black and white

    If you want to divide the space, use the "air" partitions - transparent shelving, bar, a blank decorative wall on half-height ceilings, a screen.

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    In the hall

    In the hallway, niche location is appropriate only in certain situations - if there is a small studio apartment. Here are the following rules:

    • placing a dining group in the hallway is impossible due to the lack of sufficient space;
    • kitchen set in the style of minimalism, high-tech or avant-garde;
    • do not mount handles on facades - the device of closers is used to open and close cabinets;
    • color corresponds to the shade of the entrance hall;
    • place the refrigerator and kitchen set on the same level - "bulging" of large-scale equipment is not allowed.

    Corner kitchen with niche

    To avoid the last problem, instead of the standard refrigerator, an internal model is installed in the cabinet. It is small, therefore it saves additional space in the apartment.

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    In the pantry-dressing room

    A variant of a kitchen set and communication systems in a dressing room - it saves space, as a result of which designers can have an additional living room. Apartment owners carry communications into the dressing room and install the electric stove on their own.

    The features of this kitchen set include:

    • the ability to choose any shade of facades and style in general in the manufacture of kitchen units - no need to combine the styles of the room and kitchen;
    • you can be lazy in cleaning on work surfaces - kitchen utensils and dishes in the sink are placed on countertops;
    • during cooking, you can close the niche with doors, so that smells and noise do not interfere with the residents.

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    VIDEO: Interesting options for a niche in the kitchen