What are the roofs of houses? Material, painting, insulation - Phased technology work

The roof is also considered important in the structure of the house, as the base and walls. It refers to the number of supporting structures therefore must meet a number of requirements: to be strong, reliable, durable, well-insulated, have good thermal and sound insulation. Which roof to choose - the prerogative of the impoverished homeowner. Here the main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing. The roof must also comply with, as the form, be fireproof.


To make it easier to fulfill these requirements, before creating a project for a house, it is necessary to select a form in advance, calculate the height, and select the appropriate materials for its construction.

What forms are there?

Forms of roofing there are several types. The choice should be based on design features:

Custom and complex roof shape

  • Single bar. One roofing plane resting on the two outer walls of unequal height. It is used for outbuildings (shed) and garages.
  • Gable. It has 2 planes, which, as in the first case, rely on 2 external wall structures, but of equal height. Planes are projected at a certain angle relative to each other.
  • Hip. It has slopes from the front side in the form of a triangle. The side walls are also similar to a triangle only truncated or trapezoid.
  • Half-hardened. Consists of 2 ramps. Surfaces on the front side are triangular.
  • Broken. Very complex roof model. Below the slopes are triangular, at the top they are connected, and always at an obtuse angle.
  • Hip. Also not without difficulties. This is a quadrangular design with 4 slopes of the same size.
  • Cross shaped. Used when the house has a complex shape. To do the calculations and the project in this type must design engineer. This is explained by the fact that the cruciform shape of the roof provides for the calculation and installation of the chafing machine. It is important to place them in the design. Otherwise, the course can not be avoided.

Variety of data designs

There are many forms of roofs. Here you need to learn not only to choose the form, but also correctly calculate the design of the roof. Only then the roof will perform the functions assigned to it.

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Why do we need to calculate the height and how to do it correctly?

The roof is the part of the house that is most often exposed to the effects of weather. With an incorrectly selected angle of inclination, and accordingly height, the risks are due to the impact of strong winds and precipitation, its integrity will be compromised. We'll have to repair the roof to fix the problems - this is at best. At worst, you have to build it from scratch.

Will make your home unique

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The role of height indicators

You can not neglect the standards when creating a project. The reliability of the construction and the health of those who will live there depend on it. Below are a number of arguments that can absolutely confirm the correctness of the above and the significance of the correct calculation of the height of the roof for the construction of the house:

  • Reliability and durability. Properly calculated and selected height will allow the roof to be resistant to external, weather effects, resistance to increased loads, for example, roofing, insulation.
  • Aesthetics. Appearance plays an important role. If its height does not match the design of the house, then such a roof will not look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Convenience. With the right height you can build an attic.

This part of the house is equally important.

The highest point is called the ridge. This is the point where all inclined planes of the roof connect. If its height is chosen incorrectly, then there is a risk that the roof will not serve the period for which the master of the house has been calculated. The parameters of the ridge height must strictly comply with the technological process.