Decorative pillows The hands - highlight your interior. Workshops, diagrams, patterns (145+ Photos)


To embody the idea of ​​decorating decorative furniture, it will take little time, money, the main thing is fantasy.


Why do we need?

You can arrange decorative pillows on sofas, armchairs, ottomans, in any rooms, especially in the nursery, in the hall. Why do some decide not to buy ready-made models, and make them yourself? First, you can create an original version made with love only with your hands. Secondly, it is cheaper to remake an old unnecessary thing or create it yourself from scrap materials.

Decorative furniture will be a good gift option for relatives, friends. The main rule - they must fit the design of the room in which they will be. Therefore, to do this for yourself is simple; when preparing a gift, you must first learn the design of the room for which they will be intended.

Decorative pillows - will help to make the interior brighter

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Schemes, patterns

The first thing to do is create a pattern. Only experienced professionals can tailor any products "by eye". And that is not always the result of such negligence will be a flat, neat thing. It is convenient to use the pattern - it is enough to calculate the measurements on paper in order to avoid mistakes.

By modeling the pattern, it will make the sewing process easier. You will also have the opportunity to create as many identical products as you like using the same scheme.

Pattern for a product in the form of a cat

Creating a pattern takes place in several stages:

  • We determine the size, draw a square, a rectangle on paper, add 1.5 cm on each side.
  • We transfer the pattern to a double fabric, sew, leaving a small opening for stuffing, turn it out.
  • We make a pillowcase. We make the second pattern, which differs from the first in size - each side should be a couple of inches more.

If you have experience creating similar products, it is not necessary to be limited to a square or rectangular shape. With it is better to start for beginners. You can create more interesting patterns:

  • owl;
  • "boa" - under the head;
  • elephant and so on

Easy to sew with your own hands

To carry out any of your ideas, simply paint them on paper, then transfer them to fabric. Yet in most cases, when they are designed for the decoration of the hall, living room, it is better to choose the classic options. They will be rectangular, square.

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Master Classes How to sew?

The easiest way is to take the finished thing, decorate it, making it suitable for the design of the room. Some needlewomen decide to create everything with their own hands, for this it is not enough to create a pattern. It is necessary to pay attention to such moments as the choice of fabric, stuffing, threads. It is necessary to proceed to the solution of decoration issues only after a successful attempt to sew it.

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the cloth

When deciding which fabric to choose, it is necessary to take into account not only the availability of the material, but also its conformity with the chosen style. Texture, colors should be suitable, to complement the overall design of the room.

The most commonly used materials are:

  • linen;
  • cotton;
  • sackcloth;
  • velours;
  • fleece;
  • jeans;
  • atlas;
  • fur.

Texture, fabric colors should be suitable for the interior

BoardWith regard to the use of fur, it can apply both artificial and natural. However, for children’s rooms, people with allergies, artificial can cause harm.

In some cases, several types of fabrics can be used, however, it is important to ensure that they are compatible. Otherwise, they will not be easy to sew, the finished product will turn out to be careless, it will be difficult to decorate it. Experienced seamstresses adhere to these rules:

  • The selected fabric may not coincide with the upholstery of the sofa, other furniture that will complement the product. It is in itself a design decision, a feature of which can be emphasized.
  • The color of the fabric may also differ from the shade of the furniture, but they must be combined with each other. If the sofa is brown, the appropriate color of the additional elements will be orange, yellow, beige.
  • If there is a pattern on the fabric, it should not be too sticky. Bright, colorful drawing becomes a separate design element. In this case, further decoration by different techniques is inappropriate.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the rules of care for the selected material. Sooner or later it will have to be washed, especially if it is made in bright colors. The simpler the material, the easier it will be to care for it.
  • When choosing a fabric, it is important to think through the stuffing in advance. If hard feathers are used for it, the material must be so strong that it can hold them.

BoardIf you do not have a clear idea about the design, choose natural fabrics. A good option - flax, cotton, based on them, think over the model and decoration. Return to the menu


There are three main options for possibly packing:

  • natural;
  • vegetable;
  • synthetic.

Natural materials are:

  • wool;
  • feathers;
  • down

Their main advantage is safety of use, however, not everyone has the opportunity to purchase such materials. Some decide to dissolve old down products, use the material they contain, but this is also not safe.

Choose natural fabrics

Over time, all poultry lives in natural packings, especially if the products are not dry-cleaned, they are not provided with proper care. The result may be that the person will be allergic, even if just in the room, nobody sleeps on it.

If you want to do stuffing of natural material, be sure to use a new one. Do not forget to provide him with the necessary care.

Vegetable stuffing has a short lifespan, because plants require replacement. Often used:

  • medicinal herbs;
  • bamboo;
  • hop cones.

It is believed that such material is very healthy. It is important to bear in mind that if the healing properties are indeed present, then not for long. At the same time a small amount of moisture will be enough for the formation of rot.

Natural materials - safe to use.

Synthetic materials have the least drawbacks, so many choose them. The most commonly used sintepon, foam rubber, hollofayber. These materials for stuffing available, low cost, do not cause allergies. If you can not buy such materials, you can use those that you have at home:

  • cotton wool;
  • fur;
  • silicone balls.
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When choosing threads, two important factors must be taken into account: they must be of high quality so that the product does not crumble away at the seams. They should also be combined with the selected fabric. The main rules are:

  • Threads should match the fabric in color. The more appropriate the shade is chosen, the less attention will be paid to the applied seams.
  • If it is not possible to use a precisely selected shade, it is necessary to choose a few shades darker. When the thread is lighter than the fabric, unnecessary attention is focused on it.
  • Threads should match the fabric width. Too thin will not be able to firmly hold the matter, too thick just to tear it. Those that are used for decoration should also be suitable in width so that the embroidery or other pattern looks neat.
  • If a machine is used for sewing the product, to the thread you need to choose the right needle. In addition, the upper, lower threads must be the same.

You can combine different colors and textures.

The most common type of thread suitable for sewing many products - cotton, especially combined with natural fabrics: linen, cotton. Depending on the material, polyester, viscose, silk, and wool threads can also be used.

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Step-by-step instruction

After choosing the fabric, padding and thread, you can proceed to sewing. The easiest way to use the machine. But if there is no such possibility, you can make neat seams with your hands, no worse. If you make the product yourself, you will need the following tools:

  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • marker or chalk (depending on the density of the selected fabric);
  • needle.

Step-by-step instruction
  • We turn the fabric inside out, fold in half, measure the expected length, width. Then draw even lines under the ruler with a marker or chalk.
  • We cut out rectangles or squares along the lines we have drawn, for convenience, we can chop the folded fabric with needles for waving. We apply them to each other "face to face" - if irregularities suddenly arise, we dub.
  • We sew three sides completely, and the fourth half, through which the gasket will be inserted. Sewing is necessary with the usual small seam, not differing from the machine. The smaller the stitches, the more accurate the finished product will look.
  • We turn out the sewn case, fill it through the left side not sewn to the end, carefully sew it as well.
  • The product is ready for further decoration.

BoardIf it is very small, it is better not to stitch the fourth side at all, it is necessary to calculate it so that a hand crawls through the opening. Return to the menu

Cushions for cushions

Some housewives decide to sew a sofa, their role is not only in the decor of the room, but also in the addition of furniture. Often, such a need arises due to the lack of "relatives" - after purchase they often break in the first place. It happens that it is impossible to purchase them to a specific model of the sofa, since they are no longer available.

Option for a sofa

The principle of sewing of sofa products does not differ from the above: first, fabric, stuffing, threads are selected. Then a pattern is created on which the product is sewn.

  • Compatible fabric. It may not be possible to find exactly the same material from which the sofa is made. In any case, the fabric should be thick, silk, satin will be unsuitable options.
  • Colour. The shade of sofa accessories often differs from the sofa itself. On brown can be beige, on green - yellow, on black - red. Therefore, the color does not have to be identical, as long as they are combined.
  • Stuffing They must be dense, so it is best to use a dense synthetic winterizer, another similar material.

The shade of the sofa accessories is often different from the sofa itself.

Cushions difficult to leave exclusively for the decor of the room, everyone sitting down on it, will lean on them. This should be taken into account when designing, perhaps a good option would not be a separate decoration, but simply a choice of a multi-colored fabric with a pattern. Return to the menu

Pillow decoration methods

The easiest way to decorate is to use different colors. You can make several pieces that differ from each other, you can combine different colors in one. For the hall with a set of furniture: a sofa, armchairs, you can play with the flowers, changing them for each object.

For children's rooms, an interesting option would be a cartoon coloring - you can make several options with different characters of one cartoon. You can take advantage of several scenes.

Use different colors

More complex decoration options are:

  • applications;
  • knitting;
  • embroidery;
  • creation of reliefs.

Despite the complexity of implementation, many note that each time it becomes easier to use these techniques. With their help, you can create beautiful compositions for different interiors.

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Applique is a good and easy way to decorate. Drawing for it, you can choose any, come up with it yourself or find a ready-made template on the Internet. The only caveat - you should not stop the choice on too nalapistyh images, in which there is a lot of detail. If you make the slightest mistake, you can completely spoil the product.

  • Flowers from ribbons look appropriate on things bed shades. It is best to create a composition of such compositions ribbon of atlas, from which you can easily make different petals.
  • If the pattern is more complicated than ordinary flowers, for its implementation may need a technique of fabric applique. It implies the same thing as working with colored paper, only fabric is used instead. The necessary figures are cut out of it, then glued, sewn to the product.
  • To create a fabric application, it is not necessary to buy a new fabric, it is expensive, especially high-quality. Instead, you can use the old unnecessary things.
  • It is possible to add applications with other elements: beads, beads, sequins, buttons.

Applique is a good and easy way to decorate.

Some needlewomen never throw away their worn out clothes, they give it a second life - they cut out large and small details. If some time to collect them, by the time of sewing, the elements for the appliqué will be selected. Return to the menu

Form, fragments

The more complex the shape, the harder it is to sew and care for it. However, it is the products of the original form that look unusual. If you are good at sewing square, rectangular pillows, you can try to move to more complex ones.

Positive cartoon characters

Technologists distinguish four main forms:

  • Square. It is considered a classic option, suitable for sofas, chairs, ottomans. The product of this form is also practical - it is convenient to lean on it, sit down.
  • Rectangular. It is also a classic option, used for furniture massive sizes. Rectangular pillows can balance large dimensions, give an aesthetic appearance to the largest sofa.
  • Round. The main disadvantage of this form - the difficulty in creating patterns, sewing. When a product is stitched with right angles, it is easy to manipulate the seams, to create bends, with a round shape all the more difficult. However, round decorative items are a good way to smooth out the sharp straight lines of strict design sofas.
  • Oval (roller). The main place of application of pillows of this form is the decoration of leather sofas.

The original form looks unusual

An interesting design option is the creation of geometric fragments that change the overall shape of the pillow. Particularly well, this addition looks on the corner sofas.

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Knitting, embroidery

Not all needlewomen know how to knit, embroider, so decorating can be an excellent reason to learn a certain skill. Definitely it can be said that decorating pillows in this way is a laborious exercise that requires a lot of time and effort. Yet rave reviews of loved ones will fully justify all costs.

The most original look is a fully knitted case, when instead of a fabric, a case is knitted into which the padding is inserted. If there is no time or opportunity to make such a model, you can simply link a separate element, for example, a pigtail, which acts as an ornament. Such a pillow will become a silent witness to the fact that the hostess has “golden hands”.

Knitted option

As for embroidery, then when decorating pillows you can use absolutely any technique. Cross-stitch looks beautiful, however, it is carried out on a special fabric, canvas, which must be considered when choosing the fabric for the product. You can sew the picture separately, and then sew it to the finished pillow.

Especially beautiful look embroidery in the technique of the surface, which is applied completely to the entire pillow. It is not easy to master such embroidery, but the result will justify all efforts. Return to the menu


Relief decor can be made of various elements:

  • fringe;
  • frill;
  • puffs;
  • 3-D applications;
  • weaving.

Each of the options has its own characteristics, design features:

  • Band. Adds originality to any product used to create an interior. The woolen band, which is successfully combined with satin and velor, looks especially beautiful on pillows.
  • Decorative brushes. In most cases, for their manufacture requires linen, satin, silk thread. Brushes - a mandatory element used when sewing pillows made of velvet, silk and other "noble" materials.
  • Bows. The simplest element of decoration - you just need to take the fabric, tie it on the knot in the form of a bow.

It can be a wonderful gift for any occasion.

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Popular styles

Popular design styles of rooms in a house or apartment are so diverse that there are no two equally decorated rooms. The idea of ​​decorating pillows should be consistent with the overall design of the rooms. The styles that are popular today are unique; even a novice can make a pillow in them.

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Patchwork style means combining patches, literally this word means "work with patches." The main idea of ​​the work performed is the originality, because the patches sewn together are not matched by any compatibility criteria. As a result of the connection of different patches, beautiful, unique things are obtained.

Patchwork was popular earlier, then it was eclipsed by styles that imply restraint, measuredness, the former eccentricity was left behind. Today, when the hobby was not a needlework that allows you to earn a living, but a needlework, quilting is back in fashion - bright and extraordinary.

Patchwork style

Patchwork pillows can be completely different sizes, shapes, design. The first thing you need to do is pick up pieces that can be different, but combined with each other in color and density of matter (for ease of stitching). Particularly original look decorative pillows, made of their stitched shreds of old jeans.

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Provence style

Provence - a popular modern style, which came to us from the design of ancient French villages. Its main features are:

  • natural motifs, patterns;
  • light colors, close to natural;
  • "graces" in the form of various small details;
  • high-quality, natural materials;
  • naturalness

Provence - a popular modern style

Provence cushions are identified with ease, naturalness, as a result, the impression should be created that they are a native element of the interior. This French design style is associated with rest, comfort. Therefore, decorative pillows in provence always look appropriate.

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Oriental style decoration involves the use of geometric and other ornaments. They can be on the fabric from which the pillows are made, can be embroidered on top of it. Oriental patterns are rhombuses, triangles, other patterns.

Oriental style interior design of the room is considered a luxury, used mainly in wealthy homes. If the room is decorated in any other, then they can not be combined. Oriental style pillow design involves the use of "rich" colors - gold, silver.

In oriental style

BoardPillows decorated in oriental style will be an interesting gift option for residents of the area or people who observe their traditions. Return to the menu меню

Chebbi chic

Shabby chic style is suitable for romantics who want to create an atmosphere of tenderness and love around themselves. The main elements of this style are:

  • hearts:
  • ruches;
  • small bows;
  • roses

This style is reminiscent of vintage, especially suitable for decorating a room for young girls.

For the creation of accessories in the style of shebby chic, a material of light, pastel colors will be suitable, which will be used for the decoration of bedrooms, children's rooms. Such a gift will be a good sign to the beloved. You can create all the ruffles, roses, and other elements of jewelry with your own hands by mastering the techniques of knitting and embroidery.

Shebby style chic suits romantics

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In the Chinese room design fit pillows with a specific ornament: Chinese painting. In their corners, fringe, tassels, the same shade as all the furniture in the room will look appropriate. Chinese style is distinguished by a variety of colors, in all there is a variety, brightness, beauty.

Furniture made in the Chinese manner, can be used for sitting on the floor. If you take a gentle, romantic design Provence or Shabby chic, they are unlikely to want to be lowered onto the carpet. Chinese-style pillows will be an excellent option for those who like to preserve their national traditions. Use Chinese or other similar themes when sewing, it is necessary for those rooms that are used by people of the corresponding nationality. In other cases, it will look inappropriate.

Option with Chinese painting

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Baroque is one of the most popular. The literally translated Italian word means "pompous", "elite". The main way to use any piece of furniture made in this style is to create an emphasis on luxury, the wealth of its owner. Sewing appropriate decorative accessories is necessary only for a suitable setting.

A prerequisite for decorating pillows in the Baroque style is the use of exclusively natural materials. Fluff feather is used as stuffing. Cover fabric is also taken rich - velvet, natural velor, cotton. Black is considered a rich shade. When sewing furniture, various home accessories, you can use this, other dark shades. In children's rooms, baroque looks out of place, therefore it cannot be considered universal. Attempts to make impressions, to issue the whole house in this category, are unsuccessful.


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Loft is considered suitable for the freedom-loving, people, bright personalities. He came from America, where there are still many residential premises, especially private houses, summer houses, in this style. At first glance, it may seem nondescript, cheap, but behind this imaginary simplicity lies wealth and chic.

Feature of decorative accessories loft - restraint of shades, often used gray, olive, blue. As for the ornament, it can be absolutely anything - from bright printed prints to discreet minimalism. Upholstered furniture, made in the loft usually has a classic shape, pillows are also sewn square or rectangular.

For freedom-loving people and bright personalities

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Country music

Country is derived from Provence, but has its advantages. Preferred shades of country:

  • pink
  • light green;
  • blue;

Popular pattern - small flowers. You can create decorative accessories in country using appliqués, a variety of colors, embroidery, knitting, and relief.

Especially suitable look pillows, made in country kitchen or in the dining room. The soft corner around the table often has a uniform structure, so you need to be able to make a variety with decorative pillows. The main features of country objects - unobtrusive, naturalness that needs to be considered when choosing a color.

BoardCountry music is especially suitable for the kitchen, it can be made in: soft corner with pillows, tablecloth, curtains, even dishes.

Country style

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In the Scandinavian style can be made not only decorative pillows, but also rugs, carpets, other interior elements. It enjoys popularity because of the climatic features of our region — in the fall, in the winter, I want to create warmth, comfort, even artificial is empty. An excellent option would be to add elements of Scandinavian style to the interior of the house / apartment.

Furniture, made in the Scandinavian theme, different comfort, gentle, light tones. The main shade of accessories is white; it is also used when creating sofa attributes. Their distinctive feature is restraint, if there is an ornament, it consists of several colors, if there is a fringe, it is monotonous, short.

Scandinavian style

Thus, decorating pillows is an important part of the overall look of a room, which can be made in the desired style.